this is your life.

What do you want to remember when your children are grown? The way you felt when you were figuring out how to swaddle your daughter for the first time? The way your son grabbed your finger to go down the stairs? The way you felt when everyone was cuddled in bed and telling stories? That coffee shop around the corner that you would walk to together every Saturday morning? 

My job as a photographer is to create images that fit perfectly within your memories. They are a love letter to the life you're living. They're a manifestation of what your brain might hide away, and that doesn't return until you hold a photograph in your hand and are instantly transported back in time. They're a totem that tells you're children they are important. That this life is meaningful.

I am not just a photographer. I am a time traveller, a memory keeper, a curator of special moments. I help moms get in the picture and be present, and help families see with their eyes what they feel with their hearts. This is important work, and I feel honored each and every time a family invites me into their life to document and take note of the things they hold dear. 

If you would love your family to be photographed in an honest and open way, I'd love to talk with you.

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This should go without saying but I believe all people are created equal and we all deserve to be shown love and respect. I am pro-diversity, pro-equality, pro-love, and pro-empowerment. I welcome all families no matter your race, religion or if you are a member of the LGBTQI community. It seems ridiculous that I feel like I have to state this explicitly but we live in a weird and wild world and I refuse to embrace ambiguity. Everyone deserves to be photographed in a way that shows who they truly are. <3

Maryam Salassi is a photographer who specializes in maternity, newborn, Fresh 48, and family sessions. She works with families to create sessions that reflect the current season of their lives, and offers heirloom albums and fine art prints that can be passed down through generations. Maryam works throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and travels regularly to Dallas, TX as well. She can be reached by visiting the contact page