Project 52: 52 Weeks with my Daughter | Fremont Family Photographer

Last week I wrote about how I'm doing a Project 52 in 2017 that gets me in the picture with my daughter. This past week we decided to end the long first week back from school with an ice cream cone (thanks to the PTA for the BOGO coupon!), and boy was it well-received! I had my go-to: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Margaux went with her usual: Cookies + Cream. 

When we got there, there was an older woman in her 70s or so chatting it up with the ice cream guy, thoroughly enjoying her cone. She started telling us that she and her husband usually buy the pints because they're so much cheaper per serving but that they disappear so quickly. Lady, I can relate. But seriously, she mentioned how every time she comes into the ice cream shop, people are just so happy and that you can't be mad about ice cream. I kind of loved that. 

She told me her name but I've since forgotten it. I do hope I run into her again, she was quite the character, and Margaux enjoyed chatting with her about different flavors.