The Good, the bad, and the crazy

It's all worth documenting. Each tiny bit of our lives come together to create a most wonderful existence.
The kind of existence that demands leaving a mark. The kind of life that you want to share with your children's children.

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Our memories are short.

We forget little details and feelings. We forget that funny way our kid used to tuck their shirt into their undies, or insisted on carrying that spray bottle everywhere, or ate their hamburgers in layers from top to bottom. Photography is a way to capture those memories and freeze them so that one day, when you open that keepsake box or album and spy that picture that showcases those quirks in all their glory, it transports you right back into that moment. A photograph is not just a piece of paper. It's a time travel machine. It's a way to go back in time and remember things your memory had tucked away deep. 

My name is Maryam and I'm a hoarder of memories. I have boxes of old photographs, some of people I recognize, some that I've forgotten, some of family, of friends, of that cute boy who I sneaked a picture of. There is nothing quite like an old photograph to really pull you back. All those photos on your Facebook? They'll never feel the same as sifting through a box full of photos, feeling the surface with your fingertips, smelling the paper. There is nothing like walking through your home and catching a glimpse of that sunny day at the beach where the waves crashed over your sun-warmed limbs. I am a photographer, but more than that, I'm a conservationist of memory. 


“Photography is the story
I fail to put into words.”

- Destin Sparks
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I offer In-Hospital Fresh 48 sessions as well as In-Home newborn lifestyle sessions. Document the first days of your child's life in a tangible way.

Relaxed and natural maternity for the pregnant woman who is interested in keeping it real. Celebrate this moment when your body is making a whole other flippin' human inside of it.

Elopements, Intimate Weddings, and the special events in your life that you want documented so you can remember every little detail.


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