What's a session like?

We hang out, take some photographs, and really capture the story of your family. I like to call my style lifestyle documentary. True documentary requires absolutely no direction from the photographer but that can feel a bit weird for some (myself included). To help you feel comfortable, I do give a bit of direction (Will you sit over here in the good light? Would you like to pick a book to read together?  Shall we go for a walk?) but I like to keep things as true and natural as possible. Basically, I'm not big into posing families into unnatural configurations all smiling stiffly into the camera, but I may direct you to sit together and tickle each other, tell jokes, or love on each other a bit. I find that kids of all ages (I'm looking at you dads!) are more relaxed when they're just hanging out and given a small task, and relaxed people make for stellar photos. 

After the session I will hand edit your best images and deliver them in an online gallery within 2 weeks. Once you look through your gallery you can share your images with family and friends, download your negatives, or order print collections, albums, or wall art. I feel strongly about the power of tangible prints and albums as a way to connect to the past and share your life with the future and I want my clients to have something physical to pass on down to their children and their children's children. This is why I include prints with each collection, but also offer museum quality framed prints for your walls. Picking your favorites can be daunting so I'm there every step of the way to give guidance and help you choose the perfect pieces for your family.

My personality is pretty chill and relaxed, and I want your session to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. If that sounds good to you, let's chat! I look forward to hearing from you!

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