this is your life.

What do you want to remember when your children are grown? The way you felt when you were figuring out how to swaddle your daughter for the first time? The way your son grabbed your finger to go down the stairs? The way you felt when everyone was cuddled in bed and telling stories? That coffee shop around the corner that you would walk to together every Saturday morning? 

My job as a photographer is to create images that fit perfectly within your memories. They are a love letter to the life you're living. They're a manifestation of what your brain might hide away, and that doesn't return until you hold a photograph in your hand and are instantly transported back in time. They're a totem that tells you're children they are important. That this life is meaningful.

I am not just a photographer. I am a time traveller, a memory keeper, a curator of special moments. I help moms get in the picture and be present, and help families see with their eyes what they feel with their hearts. This is important work, and I feel honored each and every time a family invites me into their life to document and take note of the things they hold dear. 

If you would love your family to be photographed in an honest and open way, I'd love to talk with you.

What's a session like?

We hang out, take some photographs, and really capture the story of your family.  To help you feel comfortable, I do give a bit of direction (Will you sit over here in the good light? Would you like to pick a book to read together?  Shall we go for a walk?) but I like to keep things as true and natural as possible. Basically, I'm not big into posing families into unnatural configurations all smiling stiffly into the camera or putting newborn babies in baskets, but I may direct you to sit together and tickle each other, tell jokes, or love on each other a bit. I find that kids of all ages are more relaxed when they're just hanging out and given a small task, and relaxed people make for stellar photos. 

Before our session, we'll be in touch so I can get a better understanding of your family, what your life is like, and the things you love to do together. We map out your session based on our pre-session consult and make sure the activities planned are authentic and true to your family. The goal is to create photos that will remind you of what you love to do as a family, not something you did one time for a picture. 

During your session, I want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible. Tell your kids we're going on an adventure, or doing something they love with a new friend (spoiler alert, it's me!). Please don't promise a treat after if they behave, this tends to lead towards high expectations and ultimately disappointment/tantrums. By all means, have a treat together after so everyone will remember our time fondly, but dangling that carrot doesn't usually end well. That being said, I want your kids to be who they are so please don't stress about them showing off or going a little nuts (because honestly it makes for fantastic photos). Try not to say "no" or "don't do that" because again, it tends to make them do whatever it is even more. I'll be taking the reigns and will redirect them if they're doing something I'd rather not capture. 

After the session I will hand edit your best images and deliver them in an online gallery within 2 weeks. Once you look through your gallery you can order prints, albums, digital files, or wall art. I feel strongly about the power of tangible prints and albums as a way to connect to the past and share your life with the future and I want my clients to have something physical to pass on down to their children and their children's children. That being said, I know every family is different, and I'm here to answer any questions you might have about the products I offer or give advice on what would suit your family best.

My personality is pretty chill and relaxed, and I want your session to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. If that sounds good to you, let's chat! If you're ready to take the leap and book your session, you can head to the scheduling page here.

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