hi, My name is Maryam.

One of my favorite favorite things to do is to go through boxes of old photographs. There is nothing like sifting through old pictures and feeling the paper between your fingertips. It zips you back through your memory bank and plunges you in the past. I have a deep nostalgia for old family snapshots and I want my work to be representative of that. My ultimate goal as a photographer is to give you a professional quality family snapshot. A picture that represents what your life is like in this moment. So in 20 years, you'll pull out those photographs, feel them in your fingertips, and be transported back in time. 

I studied photography in college and earned my BFA with an emphasis on fine art photography which expanded my vision and challenged my creativity, but just didn't feel like what I needed to be doing. So I started taking photos of families. I tried to do what everyone else was doing and just didn't love posing, editing stray hairs, or the forced smiles and the bribing of children ("if you're good we'll go get ice cream after!" spoiler alert: this almost always ends up in frustration for everyone), so I kept looking and learning. I took classes and workshops and came to the realization that what I wanted to do was give families a raw and real photographic representation of their lives. And here we are.

I love every moment. The crying as much as the laughing, the kissing and hugging and snuggles and frustrations and the comfort given afterward. I want to remember all of those things in my life and if you do too, I'd love to speak with you about creating an honest session that documents your family as they truly are. 



 my family and i, existing in photos. Photo by   Jenna Christina Photography .

my family and i, existing in photos. Photo by  Jenna Christina Photography.