Family Storytelling Session In Home and Out | San Jose Family Photographer

After I came back from The Family Narrative I really thought about where my heart was in terms of family photography and the work I do. At the very heart of it, I found that what I felt calling me was really telling the stories of families. While I do love doing one hour sessions, and showing a quick slice of life, I knew I wanted to start offering longer sessions that gave a more holistic view of family life. 

I scheduled a session with my friend Mandey's family a week before she had surgery so that we could document their lives on a typical Sunday morning. We started off hanging at home with the boys playing in the living room. After a bit of breakfast we headed out to the Campbell Farmer's Market and walked around a bit before stopping at a local comic book shop and then heading back home. 

It was nice to do a longer session and take my time catching special shots. The session was about three hours long but I only took about twice as many photographs as I do in a one-hour session which I found really interesting. I felt like I was more intentional in the moments I chose to photograph and spent more time interacting with the family without my camera in front of my face. Really taking the time to connect made a difference in the tone of the session, I think. Things were a bit less hectic, a bit more relaxed (and I pride myself on how relaxed my sessions are!), and felt a little more intimate. 

I really really love these and I can't wait to do more of these longer sessions. If you're interested in doing a longer storytelling session I'd love to chat with you! Get in touch via my contact page and we'll talk soon!

Sweet and Simple In Home Family Session | Menlo Park Maternity Photographer

I have a friend who's a doula, Lauren Noble, that refers clients to me every once in a while. When she referred the W family and I spoke with Marjorie during our pre-session consult, I knew it was going to be a great session. The family is expecting a baby girl (right around now, actually!) and wanted to document their family of 3 before she makes her debut. I love when families see the value in photographing their lives at a particular moment in time. Especially when a new baby is involved, things change so drastically and you can forget what it was like when there were only three of you.

In our consult we discussed what their favorite things to do together were. Playing in the backyard, cooking together, and reading were discussed. We started our session in the backyard, playing ball, running around, and playing. It was important to Dorian to document Marjorie's baby belly as well as get them together as a family so I made sure to do a few natural, candids of them all together. 

Cooking together is a big joy in their lives so we headed into the kitchen and put together some snacks to munch on before heading into the bedroom for reading time. They decided on a book Lauren gave them about a kiddo who has a sibling on the way (timely, right?). After some snuggles and rolling about on the bed, we wrapped up the session. I loved how relaxed this family was and I can not wait to photograph them with their baby girl!

If you'd like to book an in-home lifestyle session I'd love to talk to you! Get in touch here.