The Family Narrative in New Orleans | Travel Photographer

Earlier this month I headed to New Orleans for a photography retreat/workshop/conference type thing called The Family Narrative. I have kind of mixed feelings about Louisiana (personal history) and was a little bit conflicted about going but in the end I booked my ticket and went. Y'all, I'm so glad I did. I hadn't been to a photography retreat ever, and had not gone to any in-person photography workshops or whatever since I did my BFA so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Most workshops I found were more geared towards wedding photographers so when I saw that TFN was specifically for family photographers I knew I had to go. 

You guys. I had, like, an existential experience. I learned a lot, mostly about myself and the fact that I'm not alone. It's amazing to me that they were able to bring 50 like-minded people who were all kind of trying to do the same thing in terms of making meaningful work and what that means. There was a lot of crying, soul searching, connecting, delicious food, and tons of things to photograph. I actually didn't take very many photos, and didn't bring my "big camera" with me. The following are a few of my favorites from walking around the city, as well as some from my watch and learn session with Brooke Johnson

I really felt like I grew as an artist and photographer and like I really honed in on the stories I want to tell and the direction I'd love to grow in as the year goes on. I can't wait to share that with you. <3

Adorable Newborn Baby Girl | Capitola Newborn Photographer

Capitola is a bit of a drive for me but I was happy to make my way out there on a Saturday morning with my husband and kiddo in tow. The weather was lovely and they headed to the beach while I spent my morning doing what I love, photographing an adorable baby in her home.

This baby girl was pretty much the sweetest little thing! She was about two months old and just the cutest snuggle bug you could imagine. She was happy and playful, and went to sleep in her daddy's arms about halfway through our in-home session in Capitola. 

Her parents were also really relaxed (always a good thing) and had intended to only have photographs made of their precious baby girl, but I convinced them to get in a few shots themselves and let me tell ya, these are my favorites! There really is nothing better than being able to show your little one photographs of you holding them when they were teeny. It's funny how much kids love seeing themselves as babies and especially seeing what you looked like at that stage. 

I hope this family cherishes these images and looks back on them with full hearts in the years to come. I look forward to photographing this little one as she grows up!


Location Scouting: Bedwell Bayfront Park | Menlo Park Family Photographer

Yesterday my kiddo and I were headed to a birthday party on the peninsula. As we drove towards Marsh Road and the 101, I spotted a little park off of 84 that had some rolling hills and noticed a few people running and walking. On our way back from the party, we decided to stop and explore a bit, and I'm so glad we did! The rain has treated this little park well, and the hills sent their thanks in the form of lots of lush green grass and sprinkles of wildflowers and clover.

It was a bit muddy in spots but we survived relatively unscathed. We enjoyed feeling the wind in our hair, stretching our legs, and finding some pretty flowers. This would be the perfect spot for a maternity session, or a fun family session to fly kites! I'm trying to find new outdoor spots for on-location sessions and I think this one just made my list. 


Beautiful Newborn Baby Girl | San Leandro Fresh 48 Session

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Fresh 48 sessions are some of my favorite favorite favorite sessions to do. There's something kind of magical and beautiful about documented fresh babies in the place they were born. Photographing the first few hours in which this newly minted human is being exposed to air, blankets, milk, its parents, its family. Pretty dang wonderful, if you ask me!

I photographed baby Sawyer when she was about 17 hours old. Her mom Grace is a photographer friend of mine (it's always humbling to photograph another photographer!), and I was pretty jazzed to be able to capture this time in their lives. While I was there she had her hearing test done, something I don't remember from when my little was a newborn (I remember her having a hearing test but I think they did it in the nursery???). 

If you're expecting and would like to chat about a Fresh 48 or Newborn Lifestyle session, get in touch. I'd love to talk with you about creating beautiful images to document this new life. 

Project 52: 52 Weeks with my Daughter | Fremont Family Photographer

Last week I wrote about how I'm doing a Project 52 in 2017 that gets me in the picture with my daughter. This past week we decided to end the long first week back from school with an ice cream cone (thanks to the PTA for the BOGO coupon!), and boy was it well-received! I had my go-to: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Margaux went with her usual: Cookies + Cream. 

When we got there, there was an older woman in her 70s or so chatting it up with the ice cream guy, thoroughly enjoying her cone. She started telling us that she and her husband usually buy the pints because they're so much cheaper per serving but that they disappear so quickly. Lady, I can relate. But seriously, she mentioned how every time she comes into the ice cream shop, people are just so happy and that you can't be mad about ice cream. I kind of loved that. 

She told me her name but I've since forgotten it. I do hope I run into her again, she was quite the character, and Margaux enjoyed chatting with her about different flavors.